Is Brent Barry Really a Point Guard?

Brent Barry was selected by the Denver Nuggets in the first round (15th pick) of the 1995 NBA Draft. Brent Barry is generally considered a good passer, and has had three seasons where he averaged more than 5 assists per game. Barry is also a strong three-point shooter; he currently ranks 10th all-time in career three-point field goals made and has shot 40% from behind the arc for his career. These two strengths, combined with Barry's 6 ft 7 in frame, allows him to play a variety of positions, including point guard, shooting guard, and small forward; because he is taller than most point guards, he is often considered a point forward when he is running the offense.


So, no, he's not really a point guard. But, hey, if Marquis Daniels is our second or third string point guard and Tony Allen is our fourth string point guard, I don't see why we can't add Brent Barry to the point-guard heap. I'm not sure why Houston does this deal straight up for Tony Allen. Maybe if they throw in Giddens.

If the deal goes down, hopefully it doesn't include Scals, since I'm still nervous about KG (had to sneak that in there, of course)

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