Will We Finally Win in Cleveland?

I think we should be the favorites in the conference, hands down. And we're going to start proving that Oct. 27.

--Wycliffe Grousbeck

I like Wyc Grousbeck. The moment we got past Detroit in the 2008 ECFs, Wyc was telling the world how the Celtics owned the Lakers. The Lakers win championsip 15 last season, and Wyc does everything in his power to make the green the best team next season.He's no Paul Gastclown (Thank you, Paul Gaston, you greedy, gutless, money-grubbing slug. Have a nice life. Hope your new yacht sinks). No. Wycliffe Grousbeck is my kind of owner.

That said, he might want to scale back his public proclamations a bit. We haven't defeated the Cavaliers in Cleveland since game 6 of the 1976 Eastern Conference Finals (ok, it just feels that way). KG may or may not be ready to play on October 27, 2009, and Doc Rivers, as much as I love the guy, will have his work cut out for him, as he attempts to integrate the new roster into a cohesive whole.

There are reasons to be measured about the 2009-10 road opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers is what I am trying to say. Probably not Wyc's style to be measured. But I'm not getting the feeling that Celtics Nation is quite as confident about the 10/27 game as the Wyc'er.


Ryan said...

I always liked the nickname Paul "Thanks Daddy" Gaston when referring to that SOB former owner.

Lex said...

Whoa. Some more hate for the gastclown. I love it! Thanks daddy was great too.

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