Reserves Give Up 60 First-Half Points

KG, Jesus, and the Truth are all sitting.

Perk, Rondo, Sheed, Squisy, and House get the start.

No doubt in anyone's mind where the offense is coming from with this lineup on the floor. Sheed is driving, hitting threes, and dunking. Eddie can't launch shots fast enough, and he's making them almost as fast. The defense is a bit stingier tonight. First Yi tried to take it to the rim. Sheed's response? Ah, no. Then Lopez, emboldened by Sunday's game, tried driving past the Beast. Perkins' response? Ah, no.
Good looking lineup. Sheed's got a little pep in his step. Getting the start is kind of like getting his old job back. Wait. Did I say the Celtics were playing stingy defense? That was just a couple of nice plays by Perk and Sheed. Otherwise, the defense has been porous.

Giddens is looking like his normal bundle full of energy. He has a nice dribble right, stop, pop from 17. Draws the foul, goes to complete the three-point play, the old fashioned way. This is quickly forgotten, however, when shortly thereafter he dribbles left, keeps dribbling left . . . out of bounds. You don't see that very often in the NBA, or in junior high ball for that matter.

Rondo looked a little more aggressive at first, but he also bricked up a 14-footer. After that his play tailed off further into sloppiness, though he did end the half with a nice dish to sheed.

Shelden has played poorly, ugly shot, bad pass, and mishandled catch. No glass work to speak of.

Baby had a couple of clumsy, undersized plays to start, but then had a nice jumper, a couple of buckets underneath, a steal and a break-away layup, and some decent D. He's probably the best player on tonight's second unit.

Scal worked his butt off on D, and had a nice offensive board. But his best play was a catch, turn, and shoot on a 3 that he drained.

The second unit of Lester, Scal, JR, Shelden, and Baby struggled to find a scorer, giving up 7 unanswered points and looking like five guys not on the same page. EH and Sheed try to stop the bleeding with a couple of quick buckets when they return. But the lead bulges to 13.

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