Andrew Bynum is a Reserve

It’s early, undoubtedly, but center Andrew Bynum is currently on the Lakers’ second unit.


How much are they paying this schmo to play on the second unit?

Oh wait. It tells me right here.

$12m this year, $13m next year, and $15m the year after that.



Lex said...

If Andrew Bynum's goal of becoming an all-star seems preordained now that Yao Ming and Shaquille O'Neal no longer stand in his way, here's a bit of evidence to the contrary worth pondering.

Has there ever been an all-star center whose team regularly left him on the bench at crunch time?


How about one on the second string???!!!!

Lex said...

Lakers coach Phil Jackson typically played Lamar Odom over Bynum during the final five minutes of close games last season, a decision that irked the young center enough to spout off to the media about it several times.


Gotta love it!

Lex said...

It's too soon to evaluate whether Bynum will have the opportunity to achieve those goals this season, but early signs aren't especially promising.

Odom played with starters Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest, Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher during the opening scrimmage of training camp, relegating Bynum to the second unit.

When pressed to explain why typically opted to go with a smaller lineup late in games last season, Jackson typically cited sub-par defense from Bynum, especially in help situations against the screen and roll.


Wait a second. If the mistress keeps talking like this, I might have to become a closet fan!!!

Lex said...

ackson acknowledged he still feels most comfortable with Odom and Gasol on the floor defensively on Monday when asked if Bynum had improved enough not to be a spectator again down the stretch.

"There are times when I think (Bynum's) defense and rebounding is going to come into play, but to sacrifice a Pau or Lamar in that stead does really change up the strength of our team," Jackson said.

"Our game has evolved into a lot of screen rolls and penetration with three-point shots off that screen roll, and our most mobile and agile group is that team I've gone through two playoffs with. They know pretty much how to cover and recover for themselves."


For just one day, and one day only, I LOVE THE MISTRESS!

Andrew Bynum All-Star--Give me a flippin' break!

Lex said...

Bynum as a reserve is really gonna be interesting. He got a lot of his points off people paying attention to Kobe and Pau. Now defenses can collapse on him much more effectively.

This is great.

Ryan said...

Not to get too far ahead of myself but if we beat them in the finals will Laker/Kobe fans still use the Bynum excuse if he's not playing due to DNP's rather than injuries?

Lex said...

Bynum might be a hindrance. The second game he didn't play at all, and odom's play was a difference maker.

So they beat us because they didn't have to play bynum!!!

Ryan said...

Yet Fox Sports still has them on their list of top 10 centers (based on this year's expectations) while Perkins doesn't even get an honorable mention.

Lex said...


The heir apparent to wilt and shaq--my ass.

Did wilt and shaq spend a lot of time on the bench early in their careers????

Ryan said...

Who would you say has gotten more undeserved recognition (with the caveat that it be based only on their skill in their particular sport): Bynum or Anna Kournikova?

Lex said...

Hey, at least anna had something going for her to garner the attention. :)

Ryan said...

Hah. Exactly why I said based on their skill in their sport.

FLCeltsFan said...

If this was a game show.... I'll take Perk for 4 million. Bynum at 12 million is a joke. He hasn't really done anything to earn that money except to have potential and we all know where the "p word" will get you.

Moving Bynum to the second unit is a smart move on their part since they are a better team without him, but it now makes a weak bench even weaker.

I can't wait till he starts whining to the media that he isn't getting enough playing time... enough touches... etc. Maybe he and Ron Ron can do a duet.

Lex said...

Yeah, putting aside the fact that bynum will be playing with worse players, I'm not sure he's really a bench kind of buy. He's not an energy guy

Lex said...

or a light it up guy

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