Artest Sees Shrink

Ron Artest revealed Sunday night the relative calm that has settled around him in recent months is no accident. He said he enlisted the help of a sports psychologist while with the Houston Rockets last season. "The main thing is that I can sense when something's wrong, and when I need to figure it out I go down and talk to her," Artest said an hour or so before the Lakers faced the Clippers in an exhibition game at Staples Center.


Hey, Ron. You may want to pencil in a couple dates to meet with her: February 1st and February 19. Those would be the two days after the Lakers discover that the entire reason they signed you--to guard Paul Pierce--was a misguided quest. Come to think of it, you may want to keep her courtside during those two games. Your teammates may find a need for her, too.


FLCeltsFan said...

Ron Ron needs more than a sports psychiatrist... Things seem rosy with him and the Fakers now, but wait till he isn't happy cause Kobe won't give him enough shots. Or till Kobe throws him under the bus cause he isn't doing his job to Kobe's satisfaction. Hey... What do Ron Artest and Kobe Bryant have in common?.... Are you ready for this?
Ron Artest sees a the-rapist and Kobe is the-rapist. Get it?

Lex said...

ha ha!!!!

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