Squisy, Scottie Pippen, and Joe Johnson

When I think of Marquis Daniels, I think of Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is better. But Marquis is on that next level below.

--KG (Comcast interview)

And when Marquis would bring the ball up, there were few (opposing) threes in the league who are going to ‘turn the ball’ full force, this and that. You just don’t see that a lot, minus Scottie Pippen.


Marquis Daniels, he’s really good for our team. He’s a small forward, he plays 2 guard as well. From his position, he can handle the ball, and that frees up Eddie [House]. The old point forward — if you remember the Paul Pressey days in Milwaukee, where he handled the ball, and then Sidney Moncrief and Marques Johnson and those guys came off picks. Well, it will be very similar to us with the second team.


Marquis Daniels is a unique player. I've yet to come up with another player in NBA history who is comprable. My first thought was Stacy Augmon. He didn't play the point. My next thought was Ricky Davis. He can shoot much better than Squisy. Unless Marquis Daniels has a Superman cape he's been keeping hidden from us, comparing him to Joe Johnson is ridiculous. As for Scottie Pippen, well, he's one of the 50 best players ever, and unless we limit the comparison to when Scottie was performing with severe migraine headaches, that, too, is a ridiculous comparison.

Paul Pressy, on the other hand, might just be legit. Let's stick with that comparison until we come up with something better.

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