Doc: We're Gonna Try to Start the Season 41-0

Rivers said that Boston’s bench is better by far than it was last year.“It is light years better,” Rivers said. “When you add Marquis [Daniels] and Rasheed [Wallace], it is way better. It is better and it is a better fit as well. It is older. It is more experienced and they know how to play. It is not even the same team.”

With a lesser bench, the Celtics got off on a record-breaking pace last year, 27-2. This year they could surpass that, Rivers said.“As long as the guys are playing their hearts out and playing their right minutes, we’re trying to go 41-0 to start the season,” Rivers said. “Why not? But obviously you’re playing the season to get to the postseason. You also play the season to get home-court advantage [in the playoffs] as well.”


Doc Rivers is a great leader of men. When he says something, players listen. Take, for example, game 6 of the NBA Finals. "I want to win this game by 30," he said before the game started. "No letups." Done They won by 39. So when he says he wants to start the season 41-0, well, I guess, wait, there is that first game of the season at Cleveland. AT CLEVELAND.

If they win that game, ok, then 41-0 it is.


Lex said...

Now certain celtics fans might take this the wrong way. They might say, gosh darn it, Doc's goin' KC Jones on us again, planning to run the starters into the ground. But notice Doc said "as long as guys are playing the right minutes."

Ok. We're gonna hold you up to that promise, Doc.

Lex said...

This team really must be years ahead of where they were last year. If Doc is leaking these kinds of quotes to the media.

Lex said...

Providence Journal coming off the respirator to show some signs of life!!!

The Kid said...

41-0 would mean the greatest team of all-time by far.

Lex said...

I'm just kidding, kid. Funny, though, we started the week talking about being humbled by last year and now doc is talking about 41-0

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