Sheed Will be First Off the Bench, But Baby Will Play the 5

Rivers said Wallace will likely be the first player off the Celtics’ bench, but Davis won’t be far behind. Both will be on the floor at the same time a lot.“With Rasheed on the floor with him at times, [Davis is] going to be the post guy, so he’s got to do that better,” said Rivers, before adding that Davis has worked hard on his inside moves and is in great shape compared to where he was in training camp last year.

“[Wallace] gives me the option to do whatever, but with Sheed being such a 3-point threat, I most definitely have to be the [center] with Rasheed in the game [on offense],” Davis said. “The good thing about it is the fact that with me being the five guy in the game, it is hard for a five to guard a guy like me on offense. On defense, I can guard the five or the four. It doesn’t matter. Whoever Rasheed wants me to guard, I’ll guard them


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Lex said...

It's official. I've added projo back to my list of celtics bookmarks. Clearly, they've decided to make a run at celtics coverage this year.

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