Does Rasheed Wallace Replace Both Pose and PJ?

For two years, we heard talk about how the Celtics would need two or more players to replace what James Posey brought to the table. TA can play some D, while Scal can shoot the 3 (I got that one from Johnnie Cochran). But very few people ever talked about replacing PJ Brown, except when POB and Mikki Moore utterly failed to be remotely useful backing-up Kendrick Perkins. This year we may have the opposite situation. Rasheed Wallace (one player) might replace both James Posey and PJ Brown (two players). And just for fun we added Marquis Daniels, who adds skills even the now lionized Posey didn't have.


FLCeltsFan said...

I think the combination of Sheed and Quisy replace PJ and Posey as a duo. Sheed brings the 3 point shooting and can spread the floor and brings defense and rebounding. Quisy brings drives to the hoop and defense. I like Sheed and Quisy even more than PJ and Pose.

Lex said...

But the drives to the hoop and the dishes are things neither pose nor pj did, and thus are icing, no?

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