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How Tall Was #5?

Chicago Tribune Company
May 28, 1986

``I know Bill is every bit of 7-2,`` Bird said. ``Why does he want to be listed shorter? Who knows with Bill Walton. But I know for a fact he is taller than 7-1. He was probably 7-3 before all those operations with those arches and everything.

``I was in (Celtic president) Red Auerbach`s office when we were thinking about getting Walton. Red asked me about him, and I said I thought he was over the hill. He`s surprised me. Right now, he`s so serious about winning this thing. You can`t call his home and say you`re Ralph Sampson, let`s go out for dinner. You can`t joke around with him much now.


FLCeltsFan said...

That is interesting. I always thought he was 6"11 or 7 foot.

When I first saw the headline my first thought was, who cares how tall Gerald Green was....

Lex said...

Ha hah!!!

or john bagley!

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