Ricky Davis without the Range, But with More Grey Matter

I only made it half-way through the third quarter of the Rockets game before I had to retire for the evening (give me a break, I get up at 3:30). But as I make my way through the rest of the game 1, NBAx, a few more observations:

Lester Hudson was active. He's a wee bit reminiscent of Dee Brown. Still not sure he's gonna make the team.

Another dandy dish by Squisy. He drives to the hoop, this time drawing two defenders, hits Lester for the 3. A couple of trips later, other side of the court, Squisy again drives to the hoop, draws a defender, dishes to Eddie. Another 3 ball. I count three 3's Squisy assisted. Damn. Very next trip he hits Glen inside for a turnaround. Same play as first half. Three trips later, Squisy drives to the hole, stops, fades, pops. Two. Two Rocket possessions later, Squeeze with a deflection. Next trip, steal. I think I'm starting to understand Squisy. P-L-A-Y-M-A-K-E-R. Not as in point-guard, but as in a guy who makes plays. That's a Doc Rivers kind of guy. Squeeze is gonna play a lot this year.

So I've been posing a question on message boards: Who does Marquis Daniels remind you of over the course of NBA history? My first thought was Stacey Augmon. But Plastic Man never played the point, and was very limited offensively. My next thought was Ricky Davis. Ricky had more range, but other than that the skill set was about the same. Ricky's brain didn't work too well. So we'll give the advantage to Squeeze on that front.


FLCeltsFan said...

I loved Ricky when he was with Boston. Yes, sometimes he could be a bit airheaded but he always had so much fun out there playing.

I think you have something with that description of Quisy... I'm still trying to think of another player he resembles but so far can't come up with one. he may be the biggest signing this summer if this continues.

Lex said...

Sheed and Squisy could be quite the combo.

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