Let's See Some D Tonight and Some Attitude

"Shutting people down," the Celtics forward said of what is more satisfying, offensive or defensive dominance. “(That’s) because we work so hard in practice. Man, ya’ll have no idea what our drills are like. The majority of our practices are schemes - how we’re gonna defend, things night in and night out for all kinds of teams.”


Eight blocks, 10 steals, 18 turnovers forced. There's no shortage of stats that stress just how good the Celtics' defense played. But maybe Charlotte's line score sums it up best: 13-18-10-18 -- 59. In the 11 other NBA games that took place across the league Wednesday, only eight other quarter scorers were in the teens or lower.


Boston forced 18 turnovers, registered 10 steals, held the Bobcats to 31.1 percent shooting overall, and absolutely flustered the Charlotte offense with constant pressure and deflections.The Celtics limited the Bobcats to 20 percent shooting (3 of 15) in the first quarter. After being shut out over the first five minutes of that first quarter, the Bobcats endured another scoreless stretch of more than six minutes to start the second half. Over those two stretches alone, the Celtics outscored Charlotte, 23-0.


I don't usually do game previews, and tonight is no exception. However, I will say this. I fully support a Celtics' imposed blowout, kind of like the ones from November and December of 2007 (here). The last game was nice. But the Celtics' didn't really put the hammer down, not with emotion anyway. I want the green to show America that any perceived parity between these two squads is history. What I want to avoid at all costs is a remake of this production.

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