Not Pretty

Knicks closed out the first quarter going scoreless for 7 minutes. I'd like to attribute the scoreless streak to Celtics' defense, but that wouldn't be true. At one point, the C's were 0-8 from range, while the Knicks were 2-16. With two minutes to go in quarter number two, the score was green 34, blue 25.

Rondo still isn't playing great, though he hit a 16 foot jumper. Baby's been tenacious on the glass, as has Sheed, which is good, because Sheed is 1-6 from the field. TA surprised everyone by taking the court, proceeded to hit Baby with a nice pass going to the hoop, only to spend the rest of his stint showing the rust that has accumulated over the last three months of inactivity. Ray Allen missed three free-throws in two minutes. Squisy hasn't done anything worth mentioning yet.

Most interesting thing that's happened was when Mike Gorman revealed that Knicks Coach Mike D'Antoni called Danilo Gallinari the best shooter he's ever seen.

Kendrick Perkins continues to show initiative on the offensive end, fighting to get position, and then exploiting mismatches against shorter, weaker defenders. He's probably our best offensive player this evening.


FLCeltsFan said...

I love Perk! He was most impressive last night. No, the game wasn't pretty but you can see that things are coming together and when they do, this team is going to be scary. They have preseason games so teams can get the ugly out of the way before it counts.

Lex said...

I'll be curious to watch Rondo as the preseason continues. He seems like he's a little out of it.

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