The Sheed and Squisy Show

Daniels was more of a scorer in college, but worked hard on his defense after he entered the NBA in order to play. Daniels knew his shooting alone wouldn’t earn him enough minutes. “I felt that defense would be my niche,” he said. “Just cause a little turmoil with my length, try to get some steals, deflections, and disrupt the other team’s offense.”


Based on what we saw against the Rockets, MD does appear to have talents in the area of disrupting offenses. Hopefully, none of those offenses will be our own. :) I'm ready for the Sheed and Squisy Show Part II tonight.


FLCeltsFan said...

Nice to see Sheed active on the boards. His shot is rusty but that will come. Daniels will be most important to this team on defense. The second unit last season lacked that defensive mindset and this season with Sheed and Quisy, they should pick up right where the first unit leaves off.

Lex said...

Sheed was rusty in the first half, but got hot in the second half. Nice to see him hit the boards when his shot isn't falling. I agree.

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