Squisy Impresses in Indiana

Indianapolis Star
November 26, 2008

Indiana Pacers guard Marquis Daniels can't pinpoint the last time he felt this comfortable offensively. He just knows it was either his first or second year in the NBA. Daniels doesn't have to worry about when it happened because he's playing his best basketball in years.

Daniels scored 14 points in Tuesday's 109-106 loss to Dallas and scored 25 the previous two games. He has reached double figures in every game this season. "He's having a very, very solid year for us right now," coach Jim O'Brien said. "He's defending the other team's best wing player and at the same time, he's in a situation where he's putting up positive numbers offensively. He's really playing solid."

Daniels is averaging a career-high 16.3 points and is expected to continue starting because no date has been set for Mike Dunleavy's return. Daniels is second on the team in minutes played and steals while shooting 46 percent from the field. Daniels also has been defending the opposing team's best perimeter player. That challenge keeps Daniels focused because if he "limits him and makes it hard for him on the other end of the court" it gives the Pacers a good chance to win.

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