Rondo's Got a Chip

Garnett said guard Rajon Rondo has had his game face on in camp. “You look in his face when he’s out here playing and it’s sort of a relentless look,’’ Garnett said. “It’s a look that he’s ready, it’s a look that he’s out to prove something, like he has a little chip on his shoulder. And I told him that’s what you play with, don’t just play with it during negotiations or when you’re trying to make a point. So, I’m telling you, he looks great, to me the best-looking person in here. I’m talking about razor-sharp; if you was to slide down Rondo right now, you would probably be cut. Seriously. Strong, displaying a lot of confidence. I love him right now. He’s on point. I like the way he is. I like the cutting edge he’s bringing to the team.’’


If KG is our most important player, Rondo may be our best.

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