Ain't No Back Flip from the Youngins

Really, I can’t make that comparison now because we are only about 8 or 9 games deep into the season, but this team definitely has the potential to be one of those great teams. We have young guys, they are willing to learn, they don’t give you no back flip and they don’t think they know everything. And then the veteran guys, of course, I don’t have to say too much about them. Everyone here, they want to win, they’re willing to win, they’re willing to learn how to win and no one places their ego in front of the team.

How important is it to you personally and the team as a group to be the best defensive team in the NBA? It’s real important. One of my things is defense wins championships, offense sells tickets. I don’t think we’re having any problems with trying to sell tickets with the guys on the team, so defense is definitely going to win championships.



Lex said...

Off topic, I liked watching bill walker enter the game the other night. He always looks like he just got woken up early and is ready to take it out on someone.

Lex said...

One other funny thing I read:

Reporter: Is there a limit to the range on your jumper?

Sheed: No, not really to be honest.


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