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VEGAS: Boston -8.5 at Home against Atlanta


Last night the Lakers pasted the Suns by 19. The Suns, of course, are the only team Boston has lost to this season. In that game against the Suns, Boston's defense looked hapless, allowing Phoenix to shoot 54% from 3 and 50% overall. Against the Lakers, the Suns shot 36% overall, including 34% from three. So LA's convincing win over Phoenix last night has to sting a little bit. At least I hope it does.

Tonight we play the Atlanta Hawks at home. Last year we swept the regular season series against the Hawks, much in the same way we did the regular-season series the year before, though last year's contests were a bit closer. Of course, there was the matter of that dramatic seven game playoff series between the Hawks and Celtics in between.

Atlanta will undertake another exercise in self-validation this evening, seeking to become the little engine that could among the NBA's elite. Their goal, no doubt, will be to keep the game close for 45 minutes, and then maybe steal a W at the end. Meanwhile, the Celtics will be out to prove that there 7-1 record is no fluke. The Lakers dusted the Hawks in LA earlier this season, winning by 8 without Pau Gasoft. Can the Celtics post a more decisive victory tonight at full-strength?

Meanwhile, the dreaded Fakers play Denver at McNichols (er, I mean the Pepsi Center, aka The Can), and the Nuggets are actually favored by 1. Should be interesting. I'll take the Zen Mistress and his Hollywood Band of Muss-and-Fussers plus the points.



Ryan said...

Since you bring up the lakers I'd like to rant. Not to get caught up in the whole "ESPN loves the Lakers" thing but would it kill J.A. Adande to at least seem a bit impartial and remember that he's not writing for a fan blog? Is he employed by the world wide leader just to cover the lakers?

Lex said...

Hey Ryan, do you have a link?

Ryan said...

I wasn't talking about anything specific, it just seems that every morning after a Laker game ESPN devotes the whole morning to discussing the Lakers even if 22 teams played the night before. Also seems that any article written by Adande is about the Lakers and sounds like it was written by a fan rather than an "impartial" observer. I'm just in a bad mood because the Lakers and the Cavs both won last night and all day yesterday I thought it was Friday.

Lex said...

Yeah, that pisses me off too. I've actually stopped watching PTI and around the Horn. I never used to watch M&M or First Take. So that's made this season better.

Hey, did you know prior to the Phoenix game we were 27-2 at home on Fridays in the Garden during the Garnett Era?

This is interesting, because 27-3 is .900 ball, or about what you need to win 72 games. Just shows how hard it is to go 72-10, even at home!

Ryan said...

That's a pretty impressive stat. I wasn't aware of that.

This whole beating the Bulls record thing doesn't quite do it for me. I think it's something I could only appreciate once it's done AND we've won the title.

Lex said...

Agreed. it's silly even to think about it

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