Best Defensive Teams

You may recall that the Celtics were a pretty good defensive team two seasons ago, when Kevin Garnett was healthy and they won their 17th championship. In fact, they were the best defensive team of the last 10 years when you compare their defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) to that of the league average that season.

Top Five Defensive Teams, Last Decade

Team Season Defensive Rating NBA average Differential
Boston * 2007-08 96.4 104.7 -8.34
San Antonio 2003-04 91.7 100.0 -8.31
Detroit * 2003-04 92.6 100.0 -7.5
San Antonio * 2004-05 96.1 103.1 -7.0
Chicago 2006-07 97.1 103.7 -6.6
* = won NBA championship

This season, with the best teams in the league getting better, the Celtics may just have to be even more suffocating defensively than they were two seasons ago if they want to win banner No. 18. The question is: How do they do that?


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