Shelden is Fitting In

When we first got Shelden Williams, he was so used to running down to the post and asking for the ball. Early on we explained that, 'We have Paul Pierce and Ray Allen; your job is this.' He's doing it, accepting it. He's been a big pickup and the one thing he does, too, is rebound.


It is interesting to see how much success or failure in the NBA can be reduced to understanding, accepting, and fulfilling a role. When you're the fifth pick overall in the NBA draft, the presumption is that you are Moses Malone, and thus GIVE ME THE FREAKIN' BALL NOW is your role. When that role doesn't pan out, you need to find a new one.

It is clear to me that Shelden's role is to do the little things, nothing more and nothing less. Get rebounds, block out, defend, take up space, set picks, roll, take 'er to the rim, hit your free throws, and keep the boneheadedness to a minimum.

There's not much glory in that job description, unless you play for the Celtics, in which case, if you play your role well enough, your prize is immortality. Not bad, huh?


CW said...

Solid pick up for the C's.

Wonder if El Jeffe is thinking about trading our remaining dead wood (Scal, TA, and JR) for another solid rotation player?

I think the C's need another wing who likes to get to the line.

Lex said...

Well, it is possible. It depends how things shake out from here to Feb. Does everyone stay healthy? What's are W-L record?

Lex said...

What's our W-L record in Feb, I meant

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