Biggest Game of the Year?

I think it is.

You could argue that the win in Cleveland was bigger. But it was the first game of the year, Cleveland lost, and they've recovered nicely since, making that first game almost meaningless. You could argue that the win in Orlando was bigger, and, indeed, it was nice payback for the loss they inflicted on us at home. But we won in Orlando without KG last year in the playoffs, and the Poodles still have that "not ready for prime time" feel about them.

On the other hand, we know the Hawks can give us trouble in the playoffs, as evidenced two years ago, when they took a younger, healthier, and more dominant Celtics team to 7 games in the first round. Now the Hawks have a win under their belts against us in Boston, something they couldn't accomplish any time in the last two years. So Boston really needs to return the favor tonight, and then hold serve Monday when Atlanta comes to the Gahden. We lose tonight, and all of a sudden Monday's game gives Atlanta the opportunity to go up 3-0 against us, and that wouldn't be a good thing against a very likely playoff opponent.

I might also add that Cleveland just beat Atlanta twice in two nights, so anything less than two wins for Boston should be frowned upon.

Vegas has Atlanta favored by three.

Gameday Matchup

BOS 25-8 100.9 93.2 11-4 14-4 W2 6-4
ATL 22-12 104.4 97.8 13-4 9-8 W1 4-6
Injury Report
· Paul Pierce SF - Jan 6: Day-to-Day
· Kendrick Perkins C - Jan 6: Day-to-Day
· Rajon Rondo PG - Jan 6: Day-to-Day
· Marquis Daniels SG - Jan 6: OUT
· Kevin Garnett PF - Jan 6: OUT
· Eddie House PG - Jan 6: Day-to-Day
No significant injuries

Last 5 Games
Jan 06 @MIA Win 112-106
Jan 02 TOR Win 103-96
Dec 30 @PHO Loss 116-98
Dec 28 @GS Loss 103-99
Dec 27 @LAC Loss 92-90
Jan 06 NJ Win 119-89
Jan 04 @MIA Loss 92-75
Jan 01 NY Loss 112-108
Dec 30 @CLE Loss 106-101
Dec 29 CLE Loss 95-84
· Complete Schedule: Boston | Atlanta
Depth Chart
PG R. Rondo 13.5M. Bibby 9.6
SG R. Allen 16.5J. Johnson 21.5
SF P. Pierce 18.1M. Williams 10.2
PF K. Garnett 15.0J. Smith 15.0
C K. Perkins 12.2A. Horford 13.6
· View full depth chart
· Team rosters: Boston | Atlanta
Team Stat Leaders

PointsP. Pierce 18.1J. Johnson 21.5
ReboundsK. Perkins 8.1A. Horford 9.9
AssistsR. Rondo 9.6J. Johnson 4.9
StealsR. Rondo 2.6J. Smith 1.6
BlocksK. Perkins 2.0J. Smith 2.2
· Team stats: Boston | Atlanta


FLCeltsFan said...

Agree that this is a big game. The Hawks matchup well against the Celtics and tend to give us problems with their athleticism. Hopefully Pierce has shaken off the rust from his injury because we need more from him in this game than we got in Miami (despite Doc playing him 40+ minutes). We'll also need another aggressive game from Rondo. Hopefully the low post Sheed shows up and not the 3 point chucker Sheed. Also the bench MUST get it done in this game.

Lex said...

and a dominant game from Perk wouldn't hurt!

1111 said...

to me the 2 with the fakers are bigger...

Lex said...


I meant up to this point.

Lex said...

I was kind of looking forward to seeing what TA could do tonight. But looks like he may not play.

The Kid said...

I'm lost to how the Lakers games can possibly more important when it's not even a given that the C's will come out of the East. It's also the same for LA though the West is easier for them.

Lex said...

Kid, you read my blog, right?

How much do I dislike the Ls?

That's why the Lakers game are more important.

The Kid said...

We don't get out the East if we don't beat Atlanta, Cleveland or the others. We could beat the Lakers by 40 and it will mean nothing with an early playoff loss.

FLCeltsFan said...

Well, they flunked that test. No heart last night.

Lex said...

I don't expect people that grew up after the 80s to understand. But here is the pecking order.

1. Celtics championship.
2. non-Lakers championship.
3. Sweeping the regular season series against the Ls.

That's the order of priority for old-timers like me.

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