Critical Juncture in Latest Garnett Saga?

Kevin Garnett started working out this week for the first time. Apparently, now it's just a conditioning thing. "We want to make sure he gets strong, gets back in shape. He literally hasn't done anything." Garnett, who Rivers said has been completely inactive aside from light shooting since a Dec. 28 loss at Golden State, worked out on an exercise bike and ran Monday, noting he felt "pretty good" after the activity..


So Garnett returns to the practice facility, undertakes a light work-out, and after tonight, the Celtics don't play again until next Monday. So what, you ask? This tells me that KG may very well start scrimmaging with the team between tonight and next Monday. If so, how he does in those scrimmages will go a long way toward determining whether KG is closer to returning in another 10 days or in another 14 days . . . or even longer.

Pay close attention to any KG-related media dribble in the next week. Pay very close attention.


Lex said...

"Worked out on an exercise bike."

Maybe we should just start calling Garnett "Mountain Man."

The end of their two careers are starting to resemble each other a little too much for my liking.

Anonymous said...

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