E.House may not be Safe

No line on today's game yet, probably because the oddsmakers are trying to figure out who is going to suit up for the green. In my eyes, we still have enough talent to play .600 ball with the remaining guys who are healthy. Doc needs to spread the minutes out a little more, and needs to find a few more contributors off the bench.

Speaking of the bench, I'm a huge Eddie House fan. But his play off the bench has been lackluster for some time. He's shooting .396 overall, a five-year low, and .375 from range, an eight-year low. While he still can get hot in a hurry, E.House is starting to have that year-two and year-three Jerry-Sichting feel to him. You remember Jerry, right? He put up ridiculous numbers during the 1985-86 season, and was never able to replicate them, finally being traded to Portland for Jim Paxson.

Keep in mind Brent Barry isn't playing ball right now, and though he's 38, I wouldn't rule out a return to the NBA for the stretch run. Would the C's trade House to make room for Barry? Unlikely. They might sign Brent, however, and see if he can take some minutes away from Eddie. Even if Barry stays retired, a player like him is and will be available between now and the trade deadline. Obviously, this team can't win the championship without Sheed and KG. But they might be able to win it with only one of them, and their injuries won't stop Danny from tinkering with the roster, especially when their absence from the line-up lays bare a weakness on the bench, and the weakness is that Eddie House is only an impact player when surrounded by other quality bench players, and even then, only semi-regularly. Adding a quality scorer who can be relied on to more regularly alter the outcome of games is something the C's bench needs.

That player may not be Brent Barry, but I don't think it's Eddie House, Marquis Daniels, or Tony Allen, either.

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