You Say You're Worried about How We're Playing Now?

January 17, 1985

Celtics have won seven in a row, are 17-1 at home, 11-0 against the Western Conference, and 28-0 in games in which they have led after three quarters. If they win at Indiana tomorrow night and Sunday against Philly, they will be on a 70-12 pace at the midway point. No NBA team has ever won 70 regular-season games . . . The Lakers, meanwhile, have lost three in a row for the first time since February 1983, and four of their last six. They are 6-6 against Eastern teams, and 10-10 on the road. LA has already lost more road games to Eastern clubs than they did all of last year. The Lakers were 8-3 on the road against the East last year, but are 3-5 now.

By reading this, you'd be tempted to think that it was the Celtics who won the championship in June of 1985. Didn't work out that way, now did it? Long way to go, campers, long way to go. This helps us understand what Kevin McHale was telling us yesterday.


FLCeltsFan said...

Thanks for this bit of perspective. My rallying cry of late has been
Remember 1969. That season they didn't have home court in any series and yet won it all. There is definitely a long way to go.

Lex said...

Good rallying cry, FCF

What about RA for TT and KH?

Matty said...

that would be a tought choice!

They are both very competent players, and both are pretty good defenders.

But i still think that ray is just drifting through the season at the moment, because most of his points come from set plays rather than any sort of ISO, he has always needed the team to work, to make himself do better, which hasn't been the case at the moment. I think when we are all back, healthy, and can get a good couple of days training in, both he and the rest of the c's will be fine!

Lex said...

I'd probably keep Ray, but it's a very tough call!

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