Home Court DISadvantage

At 8:30 last night, this was The Colosseum. The Celtics [team stats] and the crowd were the lions. The Magic - led by Dwight Howard, who came to the NBA directly from Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy - were the main course. One quarter and several bites later, the Celtics had a 27-12 lead and people were trying to hack into Paul Pierce [stats]’s Twitter account to order toe tags for the dinner guests.


Of all our concerns heading into the 2009-2010 NBA playoffs (and let's be honest, there were plenty: KG's peg leg, Fat Boy Sheed, lack of chemistry, tuning out of the coach, old age, and finishing the last 34 games 17-17), my biggest concern was our home-court DISadvantage. I had no doubt that we would win a big game or two on the road.

But as soon as I got excited about that possibility, I quickly remembered the flip side of the equation: We stink at home. Crap, I would say to myself. We're screwed. But the "stink" has become "stunk," clearly a past tense, as I'm pretty sure we've put that demon to bed. Saturday night's utter destruction at the jungle is only the latest sign that the team playing basketball in the Hub over the last two weeks bears no resemblance to the one that roamed the hardwood from the day after Christmas until season's end.

So the excitement has returned.

And then some.

If we close out the Magic tonight, I will literally be drooling for the Finals to start against the Fakers, because that series will begin on the road. We never stopped being a good team on the road at any point during this year's campaign.

The Fakers and their fans certainly have to be a little worried about that.

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