Bye, Bye Bynum?

J-M wrote on May 23, 2010 at 10:46 pm

How was Bynum? I didn’t get the chance to watch the game, but I just read ESPN’s article on the possibility that PJ may sit him due to his “ineffectiveness.”

ken wrote on May 23, 2010 at 10:48 pm

Andrew looked slow and hurting. 2 points and 3 fouls in 8 minutes. Phil said Andrew is not playing in game 4.

Cdog wrote on May 23, 2010 at 11:03 pm

It is a bum deal about Bynum, because without him we go from a deep front line to a thin front line. But the kid just doesn’t look right out there, and from all reports, hasn’t even practiced in weeks.

sT wrote on May 23, 2010 at 11:13 pm

Yeah, after seeing Bynum tonight, we will be without him (a non factor) for the rest of the Playoffs, IMO. Just like the previous years, unfortunately for the Lakers.

Forum Blue and Gold

I'm gonna take the party line and say it would be much more fun to administer a beat down on a Laker team with a healthy Andrew Bynum in the fold.


Lex said...

More fun from FBG:

Odom’s typical season goes like this: 50% of games he’s absolutely invisible. You know those game where his body is present but his mind is in some other universe. In another 40% he actually does something ( 10 pts 6 rbs something like that) however he still makes enough mental mistakes that whatever good he does is outweighed by the bad. And then in about 10% of games he actually plays like he did in the 1st 2 of this series where you see why he was compared to Magic coming out of college.
That’s the kind of player Lamar is ELEVEN years into his NBA career. So getting angry at him for having a game like he did today is like getting angry at Kwame Brown for having hands of stone, or getting angry at Kobe for shooting too much, or at Fish for blowing layups. Consistency has NEVER been something that Odom brings to the table, so why expect this to change now.

Lex said...

A few days ago I made a comment that Bynum had /has been a total ZERO in the playoffs. Well, anyone who saw game 3 knows what I am talking about. Bynum is a ZERO. I hope Laker management is taking a good look at their mistake and wondering if it is worth keeping him. He should be placed on the trade block for a couple of PG's and shooters. Five years of NBA experience and he still plays like a high school kid. No maturity, no hustle, nothing but injuries.

Lex said...

This is worst defensive series the Lakers have had in 3 years. All this time they have been trying to erase that image of just being a soft offensive minded team and they even were starting to convince some of us, but now we see perhaps that this is really who they are.

An excellent defensive teams every time dominates a good offensive one, remember Lakers versus Celtics 2 years ago or all those Suns Spurs series from years before, heck the Magic had the best offense in the playoffs prior to playing the Celtics.

Lex said...

I think they will win this series but it seems to me THAT IS GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER PUNCH IN THE MOUTH FROM THE HATED CELTICS for this team to figure out how they are supposed to exert and give their all on defense.

Lex said...

The Lakers have arguably the best player in the nba, the best power forward in the nba and a top notch defender against Boston's best offensive weapon on top of home court in 2 -3- 2 series and everybody in the city is dying to get payback from 2008.

If Phil doesn't win this one, I don't want to see or hear more of Phil Jackson anymore. I don't care if he makes it to the finals.

Why am I saying that? because I highly doubt the lazy ass, soft, defenseless and unmotivated (that's on you Phil) I saw tonight will be able to beat the Celtics.

Lex said...

Well, that was a stinker. The Boston Celtics are laughing their butts off, right now. Where we in LA see Purple & Gold, the Green Meanies see only red meat. Game 3 in Phoenix can only be described as a classic Laker let-down.

Lex said...

The odds of the Lakers blowing Game 4 are between slim and none, and slim is on vacation. But the Boston Celtics are not the Phoenix Suns. 131-92 and Red's Love Child will be around any minute now to remind us. If the NBA Finals start June 1 instead of June 3, the Lakers have just put themselves at a disadvantage. If Phil has to play Kobe the entire 2nd half again on Tuesday, it's going to put an incredible strain on the Lakers centerpiece.

Lex said...

i see ONE positive side effect of this loss.

the Orlando seeing the Phoenix comeback, may gain some incentives to play with more guts and pride. one win in Boston and the series can go back to Orl. one more win at home and it's a 6 game series

let's see if the C's are as complacent as the Lakers. or if they can close a series.

Lex said...

What did I do, God, to deserve all this?

Lex said...

1986 was great. But 2008 might have been better because of the Finals.

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