Phil Whines, While Kobe's Unfazed

You can't turn the ball over. We'll continue to pound the ball inside but we can't give them easy baskets in transition.


When they take away any bumps, when (Derek Fisher) is trying to make him divert his path and they don't allow him to do that, they call fouls on Fish and that really gives him an opportunity to take whatever route he wants to make off the pickers. That really makes it difficult.

--The Mistress

There is no denying that the Gasol and Bynum had their way in the paint again. In fact, if this is what Andrew Bynum looks like injured, one wonders why he doesn't average 40 and 20 when healthy. Hence, I have no doubt that the purple will continue to try and pound the ball inside, as #24 said.

My counterpoint is to note that KG has yet to show up due to fouls and poor play. Is he injured? If not, pounding the ball inside will sooner or later have diminishing returns for das Fakers. When it does, Celtics fans can only hope that they continue going inside so that Kobe is passing instead of shooting his fading, turning around, there's-no-way-that's-going-in-0h-but-it-did-go-in shots.

As for my thoughts on the Zen Mistress, anyone else think think that his comments sound vaguely reminiscent of something we have heard in the past?


FLCeltsFan said...

Phil complaining about the calls in a game that HIS team had a huge FT advantage is pretty ridiculous. The 41-26 final count doesn't even tell the story. It was 39-19 before the Lakers started fouling intentionally at the end of the game. I really can't stand Phil Jackson. I hope this backfires on him. The refs do what they can to keep his team in the game all game long and then he complains? That's gratitude for you. I hope they give him something REALLY to complain about... Like actually giving the Celtics an advantage.

Ryan said...

I've always wondered why this works. Personally, if I had to work in a profession where 50% of the people are upset with my colleagues and me after each decision we make, and then someone goes to the media and complains about one of my colleagues (making us all look bad), I'd probably have it in for that person.

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