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Bird Says Stern Wanted a 7th Game

One of Bird's first comments after Boston's 119-108 loss to the Lakers yesterday was, "(NBA Comr. David) Stern told a fan that the NBA needed a seven-game series, that the league needed the money. When the commissioner makes a statement like that to a fan, you know it's going to be tough."

Bird declined to say who told him about Stern's alleged statement, but his inference seemed clear: The league didn't want the Celtics to win Game 6 yesterday.

Bird reiterated the comment at least twice, saying, "When Stern makes a statement like that, things are going to happen . . . You just don't make statements like that and expect anything out of it. He's the commissioner and he shouldn't be saying anything like that.

" . . . The NBA wanted a seventh game because they wanted to make more money and they got their wish."

Stern was on a flight to Dallas and unavailable for comment. Late last night before boarding a cross-country flight Bird said: "There is no reason for me to lie. He said it. He's a man and he'll live up to it. He may say he said it in jest. But I'm out there trying to make a living and win a championship."

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