Where's Darko? (v1)

November 16, 2003

A day doesn't go by, and there isn't a morning edition's worth of box scores that go un-perused, without the names of LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony jumping off the page like a pair of NBA pop-up promos.

The first and third picks in the 2003 draft are already sprouting like hothouse flowers.

But the search for No. 2 may be entering the milk carton stage, and that includes Detroit, where Darko Milicic spends most of his games on the bench.

Instead, the 7-foot Serb's refined skills only come out during practice, where not even Pistons fans can get a look at what all of that pre-draft excitement was about.

Silly rumors rule the roost at a time like this.

"I was listening to some show, and this guy just came out and said that Darko was in the dog house," said Detroit coach Larry Brown, who then started laughing so hard, his shoulders shook.

One can only hope that Brown isn't overdosing on sports talk radio - Detroit features two such stations - because the coach might be tempted to rip his radio out of the dashboard.

"Where's Darko?" has been a common theme on the airwaves - right up there with the pitiful state of the Lions and God bless the Red Wings.


FLCeltsFan said...

You sure did have fun today with all this Darko stuff.

Lost in the midst of Darko-mania is Dooling's retirement. He will be missed. A class act all the way.

FLCeltsFan said...

Oh, and the answer to the question "Where's Darko?

For better or worse, he's in Boston!

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