Whoa! The Champ Looking Good!!

I've spent a lot of ink lamenting the current state of health of former Boston Celtics.

Yes, Jo Jo White looks like he could still play. Ditto for the Chief.

Beyond that, we struggle to think of any Celtic from the last three decades who has taken care of themselves.

Larry Bird?

Way too many beers and pizza.

 Danny Ainge?

 Plump doesn't do his girth justice.

Then you have the sad end to the life of DJ. Still beats me up inside.

So when I see the Greatest Athlete of the 20th Century rounding back into shape, well, it brings smile to my face. A quick glance at the above photo, and the Champ might be mistaken for his protégé, Sugar Ray Leonard.

Ali may have stayed in the ring a few fights too long.

But I'm glad to see he's still fighting.

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