Can Rondo Win MVP and Score Less than 20 Per Game?

When one peruses the list of NBA MVPs, a common theme emerges. Scoring. By the bunches. Wilt. Kareem. Kobe. Shaq. Michael Jordan. Allen Iverson. LeBron. MVP-in-Waiting, Kevin Durant, fits the bill.

There have been players who have won the award, but scored less than 20 per contest. Celtics fans will recognize these names. Russell, Cowens, and Walton. But this was a long time ago, in an era where value was measured differently, right?

Not so quick.

Steve Nash took home the hardware twice in the mid-2000s. What, pray tell, were his scoring averages during those two seasons? 15.5 and 18.8. Either number is do-able this season for Rondo, and he might surpass both. Nash also averaged 10.5 dimes one season and 11.5 the other, while shooting over 50% from the floor, over 40% from three, and close to or over 90% from the stripe.


So we see a hidden asterisk amid the avalanche of data.

Nash didn't score in bunches game after game, but the dude could shoot.

Is this enough to prevent Rondo from winning the award were he otherwise a player who deserved it?


FLCeltsFan said...

I'm convinced that Rondo's shooting problem is more mental than structural. In that HORSE contest a couple years back he matched KD 3 pointer for 3 pointer. There are games when he hits huge shots. I'm not sure if it's the way he's defended or just when he over thinks it but he has shown us in spots that he can shoot. He just needs the 2 C's - Confidence and Consistency.

Lex said...

I think you are right.

In the game 2 I re-watched, He swished his first free throw to put the game out of reach in the final seconds. Then clanked number 2.


FLCeltsFan said...

And in some games he swishes 3's and hits everything he puts up. Then other games he can't even make a layup. I just don't see mechanics making that much of a difference. That HORSE contest is what convinced me that much of his shooting problem is mental and stems from confidence in his shot.

We joked at one time that maybe they should hire a sports psychologist for him. But that may not be such a bad idea. Wonder if Dr Dani is available :)

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