Do We Need Jules and Vincent to Deal with the Jeff Green "Situation"?


You know the drill.

Something strange happens in Celticdom.

Management tells us it's nothing.

We go about our business.

Time passes.

Fans and pundits begin to mutter under their breath.

Rumors spread.

Then, all of a sudden, sure enough, we find out that where there is smoke, there is fire. Have we reached that point with Jeff Green and his (lack of) contract "situation"?

 Heart surgery #2 on the way?


Lex said...

I need a grassy knoll label.

I'm a closet conspiracy theorist.

Lex said...

come to think of it, where else would you expect a conspiracy theorist to operate except from inside a closet?

FLCeltsFan said...

I'm with you in that conspiracy closet. This has happened once too many times for us to just think it's nothing. Danny desperately needs Jeff Green to do well with the Celtics because if not, he gets lambasted for trading Perk and trashing the 2011 season for Fab Melo. He'd have that contract signed if there wasn't something big holding it up, and not just whether the 4th year is guaranteed or not. I keep expecting the other shoe to drop.

Lex said...

feeling fishy

and egg on face

mixing our metaphors, but I like it...

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