.902, .522, and 28.8


Earlier in the week, FLCeltsFan reminded us that NBA TV was airing two Celtics' games from the 1980s, one of which was the 1985 Celtics-Pistons game in which Kevin McHale scored 56 points. My first thought upon seeing the game was "ah hah!" Kent Benson on defense. Now I get it.

My second thought was triggered when Bill Laimbeer (insert your own nickname), hacked #33 sending him to the line. Before taking his first freebie, Larry's stats were displayed:

Free throw percentage: .902
Field Goal Percentage: .522
Scoring Average: 28.8

Woo hoo.

Shall we all bow down in reverence at once?

Seriously, can you imagine if the current squad had one guy who could post numbers like that?

I'm tempted to say, Shorty, were you paying attention?

Because, of course, 1985 was smack dab in the middle of Bird's three MVP years.

I remember a drop off after 1986, but Basketball Reference says it isn't so.

1987 and 1988 were MVP quality years, too.

C's just weren't championship timbre, and the Lakers were.

Hence, guess who won the MVPs that year?

Long story short, thanks to FCF for the heads up, and yet another post asking the question whether Rondo will emerge as an MVP candidate this season, and, if not, where will that leave the C's title hopes?


FLCeltsFan said...

I stand in awe of Larry Legend every time I watch him play. And those numbers from a guy who was considered slow and who couldn't jump. The man was an anomaly. Glad you enjoyed watching the games. I remember Bird telling McHale he should have gone for 60 in that game. 9 days later, Bird broke McHale's short lived record by scoring 60. Those were good times.

Lex said...

Classic bird

Kind of like when mchale said he knew who would win the 3pt contest once he heard there was prize money

FLCeltsFan said...

And Bird going into the locker room and asking the other competitors who was playing for second in that first contest. And as soon as the ball left his hand (that he needed to win) his finger went up in the air and he started toward midcourt, knowing it would go in.

Larry talked a lot of trash, but he sure could back it up.

Lex said...

ah, that was a good one.

Larry, Larry, Larry.

I miss him too.

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