Think Rondo Isn't Capable of Hitting Big Shots from Range?

Scroll ahead to the 41-second marker, and watch Shorty make consecutive threes to draw the Celtics back into the pivotal game 5 of the 2008 Eastern Conference Semis.

Can he find his stroke on a consistent basis this year?

That's the sort of thing that would end debate about who is truly the best point in the NBA and take the C's to the next level.


FLCeltsFan said...

If you recall that HORSE contest he had against KD a couple years back, they ended it with a 3 point contest and Rondo matched KD shot for shot for some time before missing one. The kid can shoot. I think sometimes he thinks too much about his shot and I think it's become mental for him at times.

Lex said...

Great point!

Anonymous said...

But there's a difference between a contested shot and a open one I love rondo and if he can get his contested shot down he'll undoubtably be the best pg in the league watch how far the heat played off him in the ecf

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