Has Florida Celts Fan Shed Light on the Jeff Green Situation?

In episode 1 of the Jeff Green Chronicles, we were told this:

Mark Murphy of The Boston Herald  is the first guy with reported terms of the deal as Jeff Green has reportedly signed for 4 Years/$36 Million, a bit under the rumored 4 years/40 million dollar deal from last week. Agent David Falk, who said Friday an agreement with the Celtics on Jeff Green’s contract should come early this week, clearly is pleased with how talks have progressed. Green agreed to a one-year, $9 million contract with the team last December, but the discovery of an aortic aneurism during a physical voided the contract. Falk returned to the same starting point this month and got his wish. The new deal, again starting at $9 million, will be worth $36 million over four years, according to a source.


Over the weekend, we were told this, via FLCeltsFan:

The one negative was the Green deal, which is believed to be four years, $32 million -- far too much for a player who has proven fairly replaceable in his first four seasons and missed the fifth with a heart problem. Nonetheless, Boston, against all odds, seems primed for yet one more run.


Four mil ain't no chump change.

Perhaps we're getting closer to having solved the latest mystery from the Grassy Knoll, i.e., perhaps the two sides are still choosing the final numbers.

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FLCeltsFan said...

If light was shed, it was Hollinger who did it. But I always take what Hollinger (or anyone at ESPN) says with a grain of salt.

I'm wondering if Danny is trying to put a health clause in so they can cut him if his health doesn't hold up and Green's agent is resisting since they already cut him once for health reasons.

Lot's of speculation - hopefully he will sign soon and we won't have to speculate any more... But then, what else do we have to do in this slow time?

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