Darko's Impressive Performance against Blake Griffin and the Clippers (including diving for loose balls)

I've been posting these videos now for what, three days? This one is like the others. The usual assortment of dunks, flip shots, and rejections, including many against 2nd Team All NBA Blake Griffin (I'm losing count, but I think we saw Darko impress against Bynum and Gasol yesterday).

But what really got me was when he dove for a loose ball.

Now we're talking nitty gritty, Celtic basketball.

The one thing I'm worried about is that widely circulated picture of Darko in the Celtics weight room. The dude looks like he might weigh 300 pounds. But that's not what concerned me. In one of the interviews I watched, Darko said his body responds quickly to weights. What I'm worried about is a little further down his torso. You know, that area where when Sheed took off his jersey everything went all jiggly on us.

If you are willing to admit Darko has looked good in these videos I've posted, then you must also admit one reason he performed well was because he was relatively quick for his size. He's not the scrawny kid he was as a rookie. But he's still pretty sleek for a big man.

That physique may be history, however, if he takes off that shirt, and he looks more like Butterbean than he looks like the guy in these videos. 

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FLCeltsFan said...

I read today that the Knicks may sign Sheed not because of his shape now but what he can do down the line after playing for the season with them. UT OH. Been there done that. Danger! Danger!

Hopefully since Darko is young, if he really, really wants this he will put in the work and get himself into shape. But it's all up to him.

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