Barbosa Snubs Nash, Lakers

Anybody want a former Sixth Man of the Year?

Brazilian guard Leandro Barbosa remains unsigned and still is searching for an offer. But according to Barbosa, some teams are showing interest. "Among others, I'm talking with the Phoenix Suns, the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers. Steve Nash even texted me because he wants me there," Barbosa told UOL Esporte via translation from HoopsHype. The Lakers have some health concerns and age issues, so having an extra scorer on the roster to step in might be wise.


Last week you may recall that we learned the Heat lost out on the Darko sweepstakes. This week we learn that the Lakers lost out on the Barbosa sweepstakes. Both players somehow chose Boston over warmer weather climates and glamorus markets. Now what was that Christopher Gasper was saying in the Globe?

Boston is not an NBA destination. Dwight Howard would have had just as good a chance of lifting the Larry O'Brien Trophy here as in Lakerland, but he would have rather donned his cape for Brooklyn than Boston. That's all you need to know.

Traditionally inept and incompetent franchises such as the Nets and Clippers are regarded as more desirable "destinations" for today's NBA superstar shopping for a new home than the sport's all-time winningest franchise.

Players love the idea of playing for coach Doc Rivers, but they love warm weather, low taxes, glitz, glamour, models, and iconic rapper owners more than dear old Doc. Those players don't see the Celtics in the same (spot) light as the Lakers, the Miami Heat, the Knicks, or the Dallas Mavericks.

It's not a fair fight. The Celtics, who lead the championship chase, 17-16, over the Lakers, can't reload at the same rate and in the same way Los Angeles can, drawing stars to their organization like tourists to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

When the Celtics and Lakers meet Feb. 7 at TD Garden, they'll be on the same court, but they're not playing the same game


Granted, Howard is an A-List free agent, something not true for either Darko or Barbosa. Still, La La land is not inherently more attractive to all free agents. Danny can build a winner, and then market KG and Doc to the hilt. The below two guys seemed pretty excited about the thought of him going to the Lakers. Indeed, one of them said that on any given night "Barbosa can carry you for a quarter or two."


FLCeltsFan said...

Some players sign for a trophy and some sign for the sun and fun and glitz and glamor. Darko and Barbosa are the former. Howard is the latter.

I think Darko and Barbosa made the right decision.

FLCeltsFan said...

Oh, and don't forget Florida has no state tax. That's a draw for some players.

Lex said...

good point on the tax

forgot about that

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