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Has Darko Shed a Few Pounds?

Hard to say.

But it sure would help if he could be more like the mobile Darko from a couple years ago...


Lex said...

First, the first unit was comprised of the starters plus Jason Terry, Jeff Green, and Darko Milicic. The first two are a given, but Darko's inclusion is important to note. Even though Chris Wilcox sat out with a strained back, it's clear that Milicic has leap-frogged Jason Collins in the depth chart and might be used before rookies Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo. As Peter May points out, Darko is taking advantage of his "seventh fresh start." As he's said, he's no longer trying to prove himself as the second pick of the draft, but instead focusing on how he can contribute to a championship while working withing the framework of his talents and the Celtics' needs.

Lex said...

atta boy, Celtic, atta boy

bballee said...

Hey, who's this "Celtic" guy"?

Actually I thought that line hit all the right chords--humor, Celtic-centric, listens to Doc and acts, the Celtic Way. Everything about it struck me just right! And I love your good doggie reminder of all these positive feelings.

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