2007-08 is not the Only Blueprint for Success

Kevin Garnett had 8 points and two blocked shots in the opening six minutes of the second half, soon going to the bench for the remainder of the contest.

The Celtics led by 14 points late in the third quarter, then went deep into the bench and faltered in the final quarter. Coach Doc Rivers left the court in the second half, allowing assistant Armond Hill to coach the team in the final minutes

This is about all you need to know. Still just NBAx. Not sure how well they will be playing when the regular season starts. But I'm sure the view held by Doc is long term. The Celtics want to be playing well in April and May, not in November.

2007-08 was kind of a perfect storm, with the C's kicking ass from the outset. It's not the only blueprint for success. The C's have proven you can start 4-6, 13-12, 23-20, and still do just fine in the playoffs. It's more fun for the fans when they kick ass all year. But expending that much energy and playing that many minutes takes a toll.

The Celtics are talented. But playing at a high level may take time.


FLCeltsFan said...

In the comments from the other side one of the Nets fans said "I feel like with the Celtics We won’t know how good they are until they get into the playoffs."

They want to be playing their best in the playoffs. But I want to see them play well from the beginning. With a team this deep they should be able to do so without wearing themselves out.

Lex said...

yeah, or at least march and april

but not really until the playoffs

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