Loss Overshadows Barbosa's Microwavish Performance


"I think you still see us in progress, we're a building team," Garnett said. "They've been together. You see the continuity or whatever. Ray came in and played really well. We didn't expect to come out and play perfect but we expected to come out and play better than what we did, but we'll get better. Some of our defensive strategies are kind of all over the place. We just want to get some things down, consistent with what we do and incorporate everybody in what we've been doing. Preseason, we did that and now we've got to carry it over to the regular season."

I'm not sure what y'all expected out of Leandro Barbosa, but if last night was a signal of what we can look forward to, Danny did pretty well for himself with this signing at the 11th hour. While I do recall Eddie House quickly filling up the box score on occasion, he wasn't 6-3, and his offensive repertoire wasn't quite as diverse as is Barbosa's.

 And, believe it or not, last night may have been a perfect example of how Barbosa brings value to the C's. Doc tried Jeff Green, Jason Terry, and Jared Sullinger. None of them could get untracked. Barbosa came in and immediately started to make things happen. The more weapons you have on the pine, the less likely it is that the opponent will keep them all silent for an entire game. If the defense ever comes together, the Celtics still have a good shot of running with the Heat.


FLCeltsFan said...

It would be great if Barbosa can do that on a regular basis.

Lex said...

Barbosa is gonna be good

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