Paul Pierce to Teammates: Get the Ball to Darko

About two-thirds of the way through today's televised practice, Paul Pierce pulls aside a few teammates and gives them some advice: "You see Darko in the high post, get him the ball. He can pass that thing. Man. Darko flashes to the high post, you use him. He's smart."

Even with only one hand, Darko still isn't too shabby. It's also interesting to see the curtains pulled away on practice, and the support stars like Pierce are giving #99.

I don't have the video of today. But check out the pass in the above video at the 14-second marker.

(I also like that when Darko shoots, Dwight doesn't even make an effort to block it, cuz, you know, Dwight is 6-9, and Darko is at least 7-1)


Lex said...

I really liked the interview with doc afterwards. He explained why the Cs don't get many offensive rebounds.

Studies have shown that if you get back you stop more buckets than you make hitting the offensive glass

Chris Barnewall said...

The reason Dwight didn't jump isn't because Darko is 7'1. Dwight can easily jump up high enough to stop that. He didn't try cause Darko is no threat on offense at all.

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, Pierce talking about Darko caught my attention too. He may have finally found a fit.

Lex said...

I'll be curious to see how long darko continues to contribute and stay healthy.

I've done any formal investigation, but I believe he has a tendency to tail off and get injured in the second half

FLCeltsFan said...

Could his tendency to tail off have something to do with coaches expecting the #2 pick and when they don't get it losing confidence and then Darko loses confidence?

No answer for the injuries. Some players are just injury prone. Like, it wouldn't be a season without Delonte getting some bizarre injury, or JO missing half the season.

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