The Dark Lord Starting to Receive Fair and Realistic Evaluations


Milicic is a legitimate 7-footer. He can rebound and block shots, and he has a good variety of post moves. He's a perfectly capable second or third-string NBA center. Frontcourt depth is something the Celtics have needed most of all, and Milicic is an above-average reserve. The Celtics can use him when they go big and sit him in other rotations, and by the end of the season fans will be grateful he is there.


And there you have it.

Strip away the 2003 draft, the fan and media obsession, and, most of all, the name, and Gary Dzen from the Globe pretty much captures it. At halftime of yesterday's game, Donny Marshall and Tommy Heinsohn were also giving an honest evaluation of the Dark Lord.

Or maybe this is just "homer"  analysis by the local media.


But as the Darko Chronicles move forward in Beantown, I expect this type of analysis to seep into the national media, at which point it will be curious how a wider audience responds to having its long-held paradigms questioned.
Pat Riley once said the Lakers needed to demystify the Boston Celtics to beat them. Perhaps Doc Rivers needs to demystify the Huge One to find him a home.

(btw, this is only his 6th team)

Regular Season Averages
'03-'04 3404.70.5-1.9.2620.0-0.0.0000.4-0.7.5830.
'04-'05 3726.90.7-2.1.3290.0-0.0.0000.5-0.6.7080.
'05-'06 2505.60.7-1.3.5150.0-0.1.0000.1-0.3.3750.
'05-'06 30120.93.4-6.7.5070.0-0.0.0000.8-1.4.5951.
'06-'07 801623.93.1-6.8.4540.0-0.0.0001.8-2.9.6131.
'07-'08 706423.83.1-7.1.4380.0-0.0.0001.0-1.7.5541.
'08-'09 611517.02.2-4.4.5150.0-0.0.0001.0-1.7.5621.
'09-'10 241825.63.8-7.8.4920.0-0.0.0000.6-1.2.5361.
'09-'10 808.91.0-2.1.4710.0-0.0.0000.0-0.0.0000.
'10-'11 696924.43.9-8.4.4690.0-0.0.0000.9-1.7.5571.
'11-'12 292316.32.0-4.5.4540.0-0.0.0000.6-1.3.4321.


FLCeltsFan said...

Doc knows what he's doing and realizes that Darko has gone to each new team with great expectations only to have his confidence crushed when they expected too much from him.

Celtics fans have more realistic expectations because Doc is giving them to Darko and to the fans.

I expect a very good year for Darko

Lex said...

Dude can pass.

Love his outlets.

He finds people often enough that teammates will start looking for him.

That's when the real fun will start!!

Lex said...

Mountain Man was pass first too.

FLCeltsFan said...

Oh yes. He was one of the best passing big men in league history.

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