Expect a Lineup that Includes Lee, Barbosa, and Terry

Rivers is thoroughly impressed with veteran Leandro Barbosa, who came off the bench to score 16 points in 16 minutes against the Heat. Barbosa made six of eight shots, including all three 3-pointers. "He's been playing unbelievable," Rivers said. "The first practice, I was like, How the hell was he [a free agent]?"

This is still gonna be a fun season.

I've always been height-obssessed and position centric.

Having been an NBA fan for 40 years, I still don't have a handle on the implications of playing small ball. But I am excited to see how this stuff shakes down against teams other than the Heat. Playing your most talented players without worrying whether you have the right-sized players at certain positions remains fascinating to me. In a line-up that includes Courtney Lee, Leandro Barbosa, and Jason Terry, I guess that makes Lee the 3.

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Anonymous said...

very informative. good news for us filipinos. basketball is no longer just about height. if u can run u can play.

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