Mike Brown's Solution: More World Peace!

Metta World Peace Splits

Last 10 Games534.8.3914.
In Wins130.0.6365.
In Losses436.3.3144.

Amid bench inconsistency that could threaten the Lakers' long-term success, coach Mike Brown has found hope in World Peace. 

As in Metta World Peace. 

The Lakers' eccentric starting small forward will also see minutes as the team's backup shooting guard, totaling an expected 34 to 36 minutes per game at least for the near future. 

Brown experimented with that lineup in the Lakers' double-digit win Sunday over the Detroit Pistons, featuring Darius Morris (point guard), Antawn Jamison (small forward), Jordan Hill (power forward), Dwight Howard (center) and World Peace (shooting guard). During their 3-minute run in the second quarter, the unit extended the lead from 18 to 21 points. 

"I just felt that trying to bring another starter back with the second unit would help us out," Brown said.

Coach Brown, let me be the first to say I stand squarely behind you on that one. On second thought, I'll let Pau or Dwight stand behind you. They are probably more accustomed to that position. I just meant metaphorically speaking. Regardless, I like where you are headed. You got a 33-year-old wing player whose only purpose on your team is to help guard Lebron and Durant, if and when that becomes important, and you want him to play an even bigger role on offense, even though he's shooting a less than impressive .314 from the field during the team's 4 losses, and is averaging just shy of three turnovers per game. Brilliant, I say. Brilliant!

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