Might Rondo Get Dealt?

Oh my god.

I know.

I can't believe it either.

Could it be?

 Yup, gang.

It's true.

A new post from Lex.


It's been years.

OK, months.

But let's not waste anymore time.

Add Courtney Lee to the list of players discontented with how Rajon Rondo manages the Celtics' offense (hell, for all we know, maybe that sentence should have read ... discontented with Rajon Rondo . . . period). Although Lee now disputes his unhappiness, perhaps we should take advantage of this opportunity as I see it.

Rajon Rondo is the Celtics best player right? Hands down? So says you. What says me? Not so sure. Yeah, he racks up the triple doubles in impressive fashion. Yes he leads the league in assists. But you know another couple of categories he might lead the league in? (1) Teammates frustrated playing with him; (2) Number of triple doubles posted in a losing effort. The latter honor he might lead the league all-time.

I mean, come on. How often did Mssrs. Bird and Johnson put forth the effort to notch double figures in three categories only to come up short? Whatever the real answer, I think we can all agree that it was the exception and not the rule. Rajon Rondo? I submit just the opposite. The difference? When Larry and Magic posted a triple double, nine times out of ten it was one of those "climb on my back boys, cuz I'm about to single-handedly steamroll the opposition" kind of games. Rondo? Not so much. More like, I'm gonna get my numbers and the rest of youz guyz, y'all go figger out for yourselves how yuz all gonna get dat der W.

Which leads me to the question de jour.

What are the chances that Danny deals #9 before the February 25 deadline? Crazy? Not so sure. If players still don't like playing with him, but as a point guard Rondo's value has never been higher (even including the ACL tear), how tempting might it be to deal Rajon for some kind of missing piece to the Celtics championship puzzle.

I guarantee you one thing.

If even part of what I say above is true, the rest of the Celtics are currently frothing at the mouth in excitement over playing the rest of the season without Rondo. Then you add a semi-star the Celtics get in return for Rondo and you can crank up that excitement another notch or two.

I'm handicapping the odds that Ainge will deal Rondo at between 18% and 25%.

I think the odds might actually be better.

Either way, we're about to find out if #9 is a cancer.


Lex said...

someone who disagrees

Rondo, for all of his personality quirks and clashes with Rivers, was the on-court leader of these Celtics and had been for the past several seasons. He had developed a knack for rising up on nationally-televised games and in the playoffs and his efforts that often came with the gale force of a hurricane were what gave the Celtics any so-called puncher’s chance that existed.

The time now is to find out if there is a market to move Pierce as a “designated hitter” on a contending team. He’s got just one more year on his contract at $15.3 million. The two years and $23.5 million owed to Garnett could be problematic.


Lex said...

rondo isn't a "go to" guy

no new era starts in boston until the c's have someone to replace garnett/pierce, not rondo.

trading rondo for a go-to guy.

I say this is being mulled right now by doc and danny, maybe wyc

Lex said...

from the peanut gallery, someone asks, can you trade a player while he is hurt?

I don't know

Lex said...

I'm hearing the physical can be waived

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