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Russell v. Chamberlain: Game 6

Boston Celtics

34-10 (Won 2)
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Philadelphia Warriors

29-12 (Lost 1)
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January 15, 1960
196001150PHW image


FLCeltsFan said...

You know, I get excited about this matchup just picturing it from the box score. What do you think are the odds they will eventually come out with a DVD covering it. For those of us who could only catch bits and pieces of it, I'm sure it would be a best seller.

Lex said...

Russell could team up with a beat writer who covered the games. Great idea.

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, that would be awesome. I wonder why no one has thought of it yet.

Lex said...

minimal footage?

Still, the story combined with pics and vid would be great.

definitely do-able

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