Sidney Wicks Leads Balanced Attack, as Celtics End Losing Skid (77-78)

Indiana Pacers

19-28 (Lost 3)
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Boston Celtics

15-30 (Won 1)
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January 31, 1978
197801310BOS image


Lex said...

I have no memory of Boswell scoring as much as he apparently did, however occasionally he may have done it

FLCeltsFan said...

Actually I don't remember Boswell much at all. I do, however, remember the dark days of Wicks and "They don't put your W/L record on your checks." Rowe.

Lex said...

This was an odd team. Stigmatized by Wicks and Rowe, you could still see moments where they looked pretty deep. Must have frustrated tommy and red.

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