What was that Winston Churchill Once Said?

Eric Bledsoe

Regular Season Averages
'10-'11 812522.72.5-6.0.4240.4-1.4.2761.2-1.6.7440.
'11-'12 40111.61.2-3.2.3890.2-0.8.2000.7-1.1.6360.
'12-'13 761220.43.3-7.5.4450.4-1.0.3971.4-1.8.7911.
Seriously, folks.

The dude is 6-1.

 He's a back-up point guard.

Career scoring average?

6.7 ppg.

Career assist average?

Whoa! 3.-ohhhhhhhhh

To paraphrase the former prime minister, never in the course of professional basketball has so much been made about so little for so long.

1 comment:

Lex said...

I'm not against losing doc or kg.

But this deal has FUBAR written all over it.

Deandre Jordan.

That's what this deal comes down to.

Unless Paul Pierce nets us something else, FUBAR, i say, FUBAR

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