Maravich Drops 37, Celtics Fall to 41-10

Atlanta Hawks

30-26 (Won 1)
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Boston Celtics

41-10 (Lost 1)
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February 2, 1973
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FLCeltsFan said...

Maravich has always been one of my favorite all time players. It seemed like such a shame that he quit the Celtics and then that year they won the title. He could have had that ring that he wanted so badly. But, unlike a lot of ring chasers, he didn't want a ring unless he felt he could contribute to it in a meaningful way. He didn't want to win one as the 12th man. What a class act that guy was.

Lex said...

He was amazing.

Also sad he injured his knee in an era before they had mastered the art of the scope...

FLCeltsFan said...

Yeah, with the abilities they have today in sports medicine, he may have been able to extend his career. I've often thought too that with the current emphasis on testing for heart problems that caught Green and Wilcox's problem that perhaps they could have caught it in Pete as well. Sad all the way around for one of the game's all time best.

Lex said...

he was a magician

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