Catching up with Loscy

December 4, 2005

He is a seven-time world champion for the Boston Celtics who was not afraid to mix it up underneath the basket. Jim Loscutoff, nicknamed "Loscy," played nine seasons with the Celtics (1955-64) and was instrumental in helping Boston win seven NBA championships, including six in a row from 1959-64. "We are legends, and like Frank Ramsay used to say, we are history," Loscutoff said. "I consider myself part of the history of the Celtics organization."

Loscy's contributions did not go unnoticed, as the Celtics decided to retire his No. 18 to the rafters. However, he asked that his jersey not be retired because the No. 18 was currently being worn by Dave Cowens. Instead, the name "Loscy" hangs alongside the other retired numbers. "Dave Cowens was wearing my number at the time, and I got together with Red Auerbach and we decided I would be the only one with my nickname up there," Loscutoff said. "I am a trivia question asking what was my number when I was playing, and it was No. 18."

Today, Loscutoff, 78, is retired and splits the year living in Rockport and Naples, Fla. He and wife Lynn will celebrate their 42nd wedding anniversary in September. Loscutoff, who runs Camp Evergreen in Andover with his son during the summer, spends much of his free time playing golf. He had two knee replacements last year, but reports he's in excellent health. "If I were any healthier I might consider a comeback with all the money they're throwing at players these days," he joked. "Michael Jordan makes more in one minute than I made in my nine-year career."

"I got to a point where I was tired of shoveling snow, so this is heaven down here (Florida)," Loscutoff said. "I live right on the golf course and am trying to get my game back together. I used to have one, but all of a sudden I am 75 years old, and the flexibility is gone." Upon retiring in 1964, Loscutoff founded Camp Evergreen in Andover. The camp, which is stronger than ever, is run by his son, Jim, and is a year-round camp for boys and girls ages 4-1/2-14.

"Funny thing about the camp was when I started it, I decided I was going to run it for a few years," Loscutoff said. "It was so successful, I kept at it, and then my son came back from California after going to school and getting married, and I gave him the business. He does an amazing job with it. "It was nice to see the kids going through camp back in 1964, and now they are sending their children to the camp."

The camp provides seasonal activities designed to keep children active and excited about the outdoors. Activities include swimming, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, archery, baseball, kickball and much more. The camp also holds special events like carnivals and circuses along with drama productions, field trips, dress-up day and Olympics. "When the kids go to the Celtics games from the camp, my son always tells them to look up and see his dad's name up there," Loscutoff said.

Loscutoff only played professionally with the Celtics, and that's something he takes a lot of pride in, especially in this day of free agency when players change teams frequently. "All of us only played for the Celtics," Loscutoff said. "Red felt that if we were successful with one group of guys, why trade them?" As far as the current Celtics, Loscutoff does not get a chance to see many games living in Florida, but when they play the Miami Heat, he's glued to the game.

"I follow them (the Celtics) as much as I can," Loscutoff said. "Down here, we don't get the games and we get the Miami Heat games, so when the Celtics play the Heat, I get to watch them then. "I think they are better athletes today. Basically, they don't have the fundamentals that we had, but they can jump out of the sky."

Claim to fame: Nicknamed "Loscy," Loscutoff played nine seasons with the Celtics (1955-64) and was instrumental in helping Boston win seven NBA championships, including six in a row from 1959-64.

Highlight of basketball career? Winning the first NBA championship and being drafted by the Celtics.

Did you know? Loscutoff asked that his jersey number not be retired because the No. 18 was being worn by Dave Cowens at the time. Instead, the name "Loscy" hangs alongside the other retired numbers.

Greatest basketball player you played with? Bill Russell.

Greatest basketball player you played against? Elgin Baylor and Bob Pettit.

Modern-day basketball player you most like(d) to watch? Michael Jordan.

Favorite thing about New England? The four seasons.

Clam chowda or lobsta? Both.

Candlepin bowling or big ball bowling? I enjoy the candlepin.

Would you ever participate in a reality TV show? No.

If you had one wish, what would it be? Keep living healthy as long as I possibly can.

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